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Torrin Vineyard

Law Vineyard



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76% Syrah / 24% Grenache

Law Vineyard tops out at just above 1900 feet elevation in the hills west of Paso Robles in the newly formed Adelaida district.  This spot is unique not for any individual attribute, but rather a combination of attributes.  Sitting above the usual fog and frost line it typically has some of the highest accumulations of growing degree days in Paso, although peak temperatures are actually lower than other lower lying areas.  The entire vineyard contains an abundance of calcium carbonate classifying it as limestone.  This combination allows fruit to develop to optimal maturity while maintaining amazing acidity for such a warm area.  The wines are stunning with big ripe fruit and fantastic mid palate weight.  The kicker is on the finish where they remain surprisingly fresh and bright.  At Torrin we are obviously fans of Syrah, so our take on this site is to let the Syrah take center stage with its savory notes and supple texture then bring in the Grenache as support with layers of red fruit and spice.