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Torrin Vineyard

Kruse Vineyard



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113 CASES. 100% SYRAH.

We are excited to introduce a new addition to our Vicinage Series of wines.  Near the base of York Mountain in the Willow Creek District AVA is probably the coolest pocket in all of the West Side of Paso Robles and home to Kruse Vineyard.  I've spent many an evening with glass in hand on my soap box preaching of the potential of Syrah in cool pockets of otherwise warm regions. It is a perfect environment to exploit all of the fantastic varietal characteristics Syrah from cooler areas have to offer, while maintaining the texture and palate richness that we have come to love from warmer areas. Doug and Sabrina Kruse have established one of the most meticulously farmed vineyards in one of the area's most unique microclimates and it's an honor to work with the fruit. We encourage you to enjoy our expression of Syrah from this amazing site over the next 7 to 10 years.